Active wear

combining functionality and style

to be active again after your Abdominoplasty, C-Section, Ostomy, and Resection surgery.

Technology for your skin

Our engineered fabrics use Far Infrared Rays technology (FIR).
The fabrics are made with a natural mineral that is able to convert the human body thermo-energy in Far Infrared Rays (FIR) back into the skin. This causes a gentle and deep heating that reaches beyond muscles, with many scientifically proven health benefits.
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With built in FIR (Far Infrared Ray) energy penetrates deeply into the body and have an action on peripherical microcirculation, improving oxygen transport to muscular tissues and supporting waste materials removal.

The healing warmth of far infrared is scientifically proven to help reduce local adiposities and cellulite imperfections, improves skin elasticity, skin compactness and smoothness.

The technology decreases lactic acid built-up in muscles, so fatigue and stiffness, and it improves thermo comfort, enhancing time and intensity of the exercise.

The fabrics have proven inborn and long-lasting anti-bacterial and anti odor properties, helping preventing skin infections growth and bad smells.

With built in FIR (far infrared ray) our garments can dry fast and they let your skin breath freely while you exercise.

Our garments are made, to help you minimizing swelling and encouraging proper healing, firm but soft and comfy.

Clinically tested by:

Clinically Tested and Certified by Politecnico Milano    Clinically Tested and Certified by Centro Cardiologico Monzino    Clinically Tested and Certified by Politecnico Torino    Clinically Tested and Certified by Issuge    Clinically Tested and Certified by BIO Basic Europe

from Fiber to Consumer

Our sustainable practices address all aspects of our business operations and the full lifecycle of a garment.

We partner directly with Italian mills to develop fabrics that are sustainable, soft and durable - made following strict environmental regulations.

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